Monday, February 21, 2011

My fake expansion pack covers

lHere are the current fake The Sims 3 expansion pack covers that I have made. I will post more if I make more.

Your sims now have chocolate! They can travel to the Amazon Basin and cultivate their own Theobroma cacao plants, while at the same time, admiring the natural beauty of the Amazon and the culture of the local natives. Bring cacao pods back home and grow your own! Harvest your fresh, ripe cacao beans and turn them into solid chocolate, chocolate beverages, or just eat them strait. You can also bring Amazonians back home with you! You can also buy chocolate from the local grocery store or candy shop. Some chocolates and drinks give you special moodlets and benefits, like increased skill building, job performance, and relationship building. Your sims can also get "in the mood" for romance. Be careful, eating too much chocolate may result in turning into a choco-sim! If this happens, you have a new death option: death by consumption.

Tagline: "Indulge your sims' senses in the sumptuous delight that is chocolate. Be wary of decadence."

Your sims now have Jessica Rabbit! Go to the Ink and Paint Club and watch her perform. Meet her husband, Roger Rabbit! She also sells the best carrot cakes this side of SimCity! Make sure your married men sims' wives don't find out about them watching her perform, or they may be in serious trouble! Children and teens may not be admitted into the Ink and Paint Club. Adults only!

Tagline: "Mmm...This is much better than playing patty cake!" or "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way. And your sims aren't bad, they're just made in C-A-S that way."

Warning!: If you have a fear of clowns, it may be best that you do not proceed along this post, or just quickly scroll past the next image.

Your sims now have clowns! Go down to the local circus or carnival and watch them perform and eat popcorn, hot dogs, snow cones, and cotton candy! Your sims now have the option to join the clown profession! Make balloon animals, throw pies in the face, slip on banana peels, squirt people in the face with your flower, and many more gags! Caution: Evil clowns lurk the streets at night. Make sure your sim children are safe indoors, or they may be eaten by these cannibalistic clowns! Your adult sims may be targets as well. Go outside at night with extreme caution.

Tagline: "Be the class clown!" or "Be careful or IT may find you!"

Your sims now have Madonna! Buy the newest Madonna albums, go see her tours, and become a fan! They may become obsessed with her and be fanatics. Your sims can also become Madonna stalkers. Your male sims also have the option to dress in drag and imitate her the best they can. o_O

Tagline: "Your sims are like virgins, woohooing for the very first time!" or "M-Dolla wants to play with your sims."

Your sims now have Paris Hilton! Your sims can blog about Paris, Tweet about Paris, visit Paris' MySpace page, look up photos of Paris online, visit Paris' website as well as Paris fansites, buy Paris fashion items, watch Paris on T.V. and in movies, send fanmail to Paris, stalk Paris, see Paris on the news...everyday..., talk about Paris, and wonder why Paris is famous! Your sims now have the ability to become famous for being famous! Your sims can also befriend Paris! They can take photos of her, share them with friends, hang them on their walls, and post them online! They can go over to Paris' place and talk about stuff! They can meet her dog, Tinker Bell. They even get to pet him/her! OMG!

Tagline: "I'm so hot." or "I got my eye on your sims, and when I get my eye on something, it's like search and destroy." or "Why is Paris Hilton famous? She's famous for being 'famous.'"

P.S. I'm not trying to bash Paris, I'm just lightly parodying her.

Your sims now have Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus! Have your child sims and teen sims buy all of her album, DVDs, toys, and anything else labeled with name "Hannah Montana". Become obsessed with her and her show. Become a Hannah stalker! Send her fanmail! See her MySpace, Twitter account, talk about her, etc. There is a new life stage: Pre-Teen. Pre-Teens hav the ability to be bigger fanatics of Hannah than any other sims. They can also get pimples, develope crushes, and have their first kiss. Your child, pre-teen, and teen sims can drive their parents and other adults insane with their constant talk of Hannah. Child, pre-teen, and teen sims can also sit and watch her on T.V. This will give them the "brainwashed" moodlet, which has no affect on mood. Sims can remain brainwashed for a time after watching her. Hannah fanatics will get the "It's Hannah!" moodlet everytime they see her or anything themed with her or her show. This gives them a +25 moodlet. You can even befriend Hannah! Go over to her house, talk about stuff, and have a slumber party! Co-ed is acceptable! o_O

Tagline: "Your sims are gonna have a party in the U.S.A.!" or "Your sims will be movin' their heads like yeah! Movin' their hips like yeah!"



If you want to hear music, click on the link below and then minimize the browser that pops up.

Your sims now have Disney! Your sims now have the option to watch Disney movies on the television. They can also buy Disney merchandise, such as toys, collectibles, clothing, decorations, kitchenware and dinnerware, bed spreads, etcetera. They have the option to talk about Disney to other sims. Your sims now have two new traits: Disney Freak and Dislikes Disney. Disney Freaks will get a positive moodlet when they watch Disney or are around Disney items while Dislike Disney sims will get a negative one. Your sims now have the option to enter the television and be in the Disney movies themselves! They have full interaction with the characters. Disney Freaks will get super excited, while Dislike Disney sims will be franticly trying to escape the movie. Your sims have the option to help the characters with their quests, whether they be heroes or villains. Who and how your sims help determines the outcome of the movie! There is also a Disney station on the radio that plays classic Disney songs and music.

Tagline: "Your sims are entering a whole new world."

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