Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Liam has been spending quality time with other guys

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Liam has been spending quality time with other guys. He's been playing video game tournaments, browsing YouTube videos, watching sports on television, wrestling, helping Mrs. Crumplebottom cross the street, and other manly things. He loves spending time with his own gender, as he feels more connected with them than with women. Liam had also been taking drawing, painting, and sculpting classes because he wants to follow in the steps of Michelangelo, as they both like to paint and sculpt the male figure. Liam got his guy friends to pose for him, and he made accurate depictions of them, besides the rippling muscles that they didn't have. After he spent time with the guys, we went to catch up with his girlfriend, Lia, to have a romantic date together. She had been working out, and now had rippling muscles of her own, which pleased Liam.

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