Sunday, February 20, 2011

I received another angry letter about Liam o_O

Here's the letter:

"Dear hag1TSOTSO,

How dare you abuse Liam the way that you do? You've humiliated him numerous times and severely damaged his mental health! He became so delusional from your exploitation that he became convinced that he was actually a woman trapped in a man's body, and now he got sex reassignment surgery! How dare you, hag?! He had a great girlfriend and a normal life (besides being hated by various forums users). Even then, he was a valuable member of society! But now, he's a woman, dating Mortimer Goth, and is cheating on him by phone with Don Lothario! Cassandra found out about this and is going to tell Mortimer! You ruined Liam's life! I mean, how can anyone take him seriously the way he is now?!

If you want to hear music, click on the below link and minimize the browser that pops up.

You, hag sir, are a sadist! You're lucky that EA even made Liam, and even more lucky that he got uploaded by a SimGuru! Who are you to do all of this to him, who has already been getting so much hate and bashing from the forums users? Leave Liam alone! Please! *Starts sobbing* Leave Liam alone, alright? I mean it! Anyone who has a problem with him will have to deal with me! *Sobbing* Please...just leave him alone...please...or I'll leave dead mice and birds on your lawn (I'm a cat, aren't I?)

Most sincerely,

The Liam Kitteh (A.K.A. Liam's biggest fan XOXOXOXO)"

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