Saturday, February 19, 2011

Liam has been cheating on Mortimer! :O

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Liam has been growing tired of Mortimer. Because of this, he's been giving into his temptation to be promiscuous. He met Don Lothario down at the shopping center. Liam asked Don which dress looked cuter on him, and Don replied by saying something pervy that I'm not allowed to say on the forums. Liam was immediately attracted to Don's naughty vibe. They exchanged phone numbers and have been talking every night ever since. They talk very dirty on the phone, as they're having phone woohoo.

Don doesn't know that the woman is Liam, and Mortimer doesn't know of the dirty phone conversations. Kim and Piper have been secretly listening to Don and Liam's phone calls by listening on another phone in the house, which they disabled the dial tone to, so that they wouldn't get caught. They were laughing their heads off, were turned on, and felt very dirty. They've also been secretly reading Liam's diary, to which they broke out into more hysterics.

Cassandra is still Don's fiancĂ©. One day, while Don was at work, Cassandra decided to break into his house and check for evidence of cheating, as she recently found out about his womanizing nature. She checked his phone call history, and found nightly calls made to Liam's number. She found that the calls lasted a lengthy amount of time. She listened to messages that hadn’t been erased yet, and heard Liam talking dirty. She had mixed emotions. She was furious that her fiancĂ© and her father’s lover were cheating on them, and was also very weirded out that Don had Liam as a lover. She left the house and made the mad dash to the Goth residence. I sense two impending breakups...

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