Monday, February 21, 2011

Mortimer Goth has gone into a rage! :O

After finding out that Liam had been cheating on Mortimer with Don, Cassandra hightailed it over to the Goth residence. Mortimer saw it was her and invited her inside for a cup of tea. As they were having tea, Cassandra told him what Liam had been doing with Don. She also told him that the woman he (Mortimer) was dating was actually Liam who became a transvestite. Mortimer stopped everything he was doing, became silent, stood up, and screamed at the top of his lungs:

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He picked up the teapot full of tea and threw it across the room, in which it slammed into the wall and shattered into many pieces. He was screaming obscenities about Liam and Don, stomping his feet, and slamming his fists against the walls. He was also knocking over furniture, breaking vases and figurines made out of porcelain and glass, ripped apart pillows with his hands and teeth like an animal, and even threw a brick that he had ripped off of the fireplace at Cassandra when she tried to get him to stop. It luckily missed her, but almost didn't. Finally, he took everything that Liam had given him and left at his house, threw it into a pile outside, and lit a bonfire. He ran off of the property, screaming how he was going to get his revenge upon "the two scoundrels." Cassandra chased after him.

Meanwhile, Lia found out about the whole fiasco when Kim Kent called her up, thinking that she (Lia) should know what happened to her boyfriend’s life. Lia was very shocked and almost broke out into tears. Not knowing what to do, she sought the help of a fortune teller. She went down to the strip mall where the fortune shop was, which was barely paying its lease.

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Lia sat down in a fancy chair from Eastern Europe in a very dimmed room. All that was lighting it were some candles and the light radiating from a crystal ball. Madam Mare asked what brought Lia there. She told him/her all that she knew. Madam Mare then starting moving her hands around the crystal ball and saying a sort of incantation, as she was contacting the spirit world. Suddenly, a burst of light pulsated from the crystal ball. After the blinding spectacle was over, the head of The Sims 3 forums user Zeri was inside the ball. She asked why she was summoned, as she was in the middle of playing The Sims 3. Lia told her about the situation. Zeri responded by saying:

Lia pleaded with her, saying that she loves Liam dearly and would hate if anything happened to him. She started crying and tears were rolling down her face. Zeri was surprised and moved by Lia’s profound and sincere love for Liam. She decided to take pity on her and make a deal. She said that if she helped save Liam, then she would be allowed to torment him one day per week. Lia reluctantly agreed to the compromise. Zeri told her that the only way that balance could be brought back to Sunset Valley was to get Mortimer and Bella to reconcile. But first, they would have to get Bella and Omri to leave each other, so that Bella would be single again. In order to do that, one of them would have to cheat on the other. Zeri granted Lia some magic potions and spells to help her on her quest. Lia hugged the crystal ball (nearly suffocating Zeri), thanked her, and ran out of the shop. Madam Mare yelled “Hey! You still owe me fifty bucks!”

To be continued...

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