Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jennifer Burb falls for Bella's new husband! :O

Lia called made arrangements to have tea at Bella and Omri's seaside villa along with Jennifer Burb. Lia and Jennifer arrived at the beautiful seaside villa and rang the doorbell, which sounded like Mozart music. Bella answered the door and was greeted by Lia, who said:

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Bella shrieked in horror, fell down backwards, scooted/crawled backwards, and started sobbing in a corner. Lia had accidentally activated a shape shifting spell along the way over. Jennifer was too busy playing Angry Birds on her iPhone to notice. Lia quickly reversed the spell before Omri walked to the door. He asked Bella what was wrong, and she said in a timid, whispering voice "I saw Justin Bieber...the creeper..." Then Omri told her that whatever she saw wasn't there anymore and then informed Lia and Jennifer that Bella had a huge phobia of Justin Bieber. "I can't even tell if it's a boy or a girl..." said Bella. He propped her up and invited Lia and Jennifer inside. They were lead into a beautifully furnished and decorated parlor with tea already on a coffee table. They all sat down and took a cup of tea. They were talking about the weather, but then Bella realized something. “I forgot to buy lemon cakes from the store!” she exclaimed. “I’ll be right back…” She excused herself from the parlor, got in her car, and left to go get the tea cakes.

Lia, Jennifer, and Omri were chitchatting about various things. Lia cast a spell to empty their cups when none of them were looking. She then said “I noticed that you're both out of tea. How about I prepare you two some more?” They thought it was a nice gesture and agreed. Lia took the tea tray over to a set of drawers and poured the tea. She added cream sugar, and secretly poured in a love potion into the cups of tea. However, she accidentally poured most of it into one of the cups. She stirred them well and brought them back over to the coffee table. Omri and Jennifer started drinking their cups of tea, but then paused. Jennifer dropped her cup of tea, and was staring at Omri in a kind of trance. This is what she saw:

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Jennifer was overcome by a feeling of intense lust. She pushed Omri onto his back, jumped onto him like an animal, embraced him tightly, and started kissing him all over his face, neck, chest…everywhere. o_O Omri kept asking her to stop, but she said “How can I stop when you’re the embodiment of all sexiness? You’re irresistible!” Lia continued to watch the spectacle for a time until she heard a car pull into the driveway. “Bella’s home, you guys!" said Lia. Jennifer, stop trying to make love to Omri!” Jennifer said “Why should I care when I have Mr. Sexy?” She then grabbed Omri by his shirt, put his face up to hers, and she yelled “I need feminine fulfillment!” Lia was like ಠ_ಠ. She could hear Bella coming in the door, so she grabbed and picked up Jennifer. She was squirming violently and yelling things about how she needed Omri. “What’s the deal with her?” asked Bella. “Err…she didn’t take her medication this morning” said Lia. She carried Jennifer out the door, during which she continued to shout that she needed Omri and that they must make sweet love.

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Meanwhile, Liam was driving as fast as he could to the airport. Mortimer had hitched a taxi to follow him. He told the taxi cab driver to go to the side of Liam’s car. Mortimer crawled out of the passenger’s window and got on top of the car. He jumped onto the roof of Liam’s car. He then hung over the side of the car and was looking in through the driver’s window.

Mortimer took out an umbrella and was trying to break the window with it. Liam was freaking out and wasn’t looking where he was going. Because of this, he drove over the side of a cliff and they started to plummet hundreds of feet. They were both screaming in sheer terror, and their lives were flashing before their eyes. The car landed in a river. Mortimer continued trying to break in the window. Liam almost fainted from so much fright. They reached the end of the river, which was conveniently right next to the airport. Liam flung the car door open and made the mad dash for the entrance. Mortimer chased him through the lobby, security, and to the airport terminal. Liam sprinted onto a plane that he didn’t pay the flight for. The gate attendant/guard didn’t notice him go in. However, when Mortimer tried to go in after him, she stopped him and asked him for his ticket. He didn’t have one, so she turned him away. He tried to push her aside, but he could see the plane starting to take off. He ran through he door, onto the runway, and fiercely chased after the plane. It finally went into the air. Mortimer got onto his knees, put his arms in the air, and screamed at the top of his lungs “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!”

Liam didn’t know where the plane was going, but all he cared about was that he was getting away from Mortimer. He put on some headphones so he could listen to music and try to calm down.

To be continued…

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