Saturday, February 26, 2011

When Lia first started dating Liam, she wasn't impressed...

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When Lia first met Liam, he thought that he was cute. They shared similar interests and liked each other. Liam asked if they could start dating, and she thought that it would be a good idea and accepted. Little did she know about his less masculine nature. He didn't eat meat, but rather was a soy boy. He would eat tofu, tempeh, soy yogurt, drink soy milk, etcetera. He also loved to bake desserts such as tiramisu and other such decadent dishes. His greatest inspirations were Calvin Klein and Madonna. He liked to watch "Strawberry Shortcake", "My Little Pony", "The Winx Club", "Sex in the City", "Desperate Housewives", and so on. He also liked to play with Barbies, Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony toys, BRATZ dolls, and so on. He loved to go to Build-A-Bear Workshop, where he would make sickeningly cute teddy bears. His favorite type of music was the kind made by Aqua, Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, and so on. He also enjoyed styling his house mates' hair, painting their nails, helping them pick out clothes to wear, and giving them fashion tips. He loved to read magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Vanity Fair, and so on. He also liked to share juicy gossip with other sims. He also loved window shopping.

One day, he took Lia to go clothes shopping with him. He asked her which accessory he should buy instead.

Lia told him “Whichever makes you look less feminine.” Lia had grown very tired of Liam’s almost complete lack of masculinity. She wanted to take that ascot and wring his neck with it. She wanted a man who would embrace his masculinity, not act like a pansy. Instead, she had Lady Liam. She wanted to dress him up like a fairy queen and push him into a tough bar for macho men. They moved into the shirt section of the clothing store. Liam picked out one and put it on in the dressing room to try it out. He came out and asked Lia:

Lia responded:

Liam said “OMG, OMG! I can’t believe how super kawaii this top looks on me!” He started jogging in place like a girl, while clapping his hands and giggling. He twirled around in a majestic fashion, then checked to see if he broke a nail. He turned around, his back facing Lia, and asked “Do these pants make my butt look big?” as he also tried on a pair of jeans. Lia clenched her hands and said in a loud, angry voice “You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys! Or are you using me as a cover-up for closet queendom?” Liam was silent. He started to cry and left the room. Lia started to feel bad, so she went to go apologize and explain herself. She told him that she was sorry for what she said and explained that she wanted a more masculine man. She then asked him if he would try to be more masculine for her. He said that he wasn’t really as feminine as he was portraying himself and that he was only acting as so because he thought that chicks digged it. Lia burst out laughing, and then asked him to just be himself. He agreed, and they had been inseparable since. However, she did start to miss the extra supply of nail polish, mascara, and concealer that he used to carry around.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mortimer wasn't the only man that LIam had been seeing! :O

Let's backtrack to the beginning of the Liam soap opera. When Liam was getting sex reassignment surgery is CAS, all of his doctors were men. When doing the sliders, they decided to max out his breast slider to the right. When the operation was done, all of the male nurses in the hospital wanted to care for Liam. They would even bring him flowers and boes of chocolates, wishing him to get better soon. They would even fluff up his pillows, turn on his favorite T.V. channel, and even hire live entertainment for him! When it was time for him to check out of the hospital, all of the male nurses asked him for his number. When he was in the hospital, he had to choose on a new name for his female identity, so he chose Shantay (pronounced "shawn tay").

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Things were never he same for Liam. He had no trouble attracting men. They all came flocking and wanted to be his slave.

Random men would run up to him when he was walking down the street, telling him how much they admired him. They would open doors for him, buy him gifts, pay for his meals at restaurants, clean his house, give him endless amounts of compliments, and so on. Any time they wanted to eat with Liam, they demanded to have Cocoa Puffs with milk poured on it. He had no idea why, but he complied with their requests for it. They would just be staring at him, drooling. One day one of the men asked him "What junk are you hidin' inside yo' trunk? Will you show it to us?" Liam agreed to do so, and all of the men got really excited. He told them that they had to do it in private. As Liam was walking to their destination, all of the men were following him, struttin' their stuff. Once they got to the room and the door was closed, all of the men starting shouting "Yeah, baby! Let's see that junk!" Liam made a build up, saying that it was going to be the most spectacular thing that they would ever lay their eyes upon. They started drooling and thumping their feet. "Are you ready?" asked Liam. "Yes, ma'am!"" all of the men shouted. Liam pulled out a trunk from inside a closet, opened it, and showed them what was inside. It was full of old family photos and heirlooms. He went on and started talking about his family history, and all of the men left, disappointed, while he was explaining it. Liam became depressed, and realized that what they really wanted to see was his lady lumps, and that that was all they liked him for. He decided to go to a cafe to drown his sorrows. He was sitting at the counter, looking miserable. A nice elderly man came up to him asked him if he wanted a nice cup of coffee. Liam perked up, smiled, and told him that that would be lovely and thanked him.

Bella's new husband cheats on her...epicly! :O

It became nightfall and Bella and Omri enjoyed a nice dinner of Goopy Carbonara. The telephone rang and Bella went to anser it. "Hello?" said Bella. "Are you Bella Goth, ma'am?" asked Lia (in a manly voice, as she used a spell to disguise her real one). "Yes, I am, though Goth is my old last name" said Bella. "Well then, miss Bella lady, you have won an all-expense-paid visit to the Day Spa!" said Lia. "OMG really? That's super!" said Bella. "The offer only lasts tonight, so you ebtter hurry!" said Lia. "I'm on my way!" said Bella. "Omri, I just won a schweet prize to have an all-expense-payed trip to the Day Spa, but it only laststonight. I'll be back after I'm done, sweetie. Goodnight, Omri dear!" Bella left the villa and started driving to the Day Spa. Lia tricked her because she needed to get Omri to cheat on Bella with Jennifer Burb.

Some time went by and Omri was daydreaming in the bedroom with the lights off. He couldn't stop thinking about Jennifer and shawarma. Suddenly, the door swung open to reveal a silhouette with delicious curves. The light subsidedand he saw this woman:

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It was Jennifer Burb, all decked out in naughty clothes. Omri’s mouth dropped wide open. He leaped off of the bed in his surprise and was wondering what she was going to do. She walked seductively toward him and pushed him onto the bed. She held him down and bound his hands and feet tightly with rope. She got onto the bed, got on her knees, and sat on his lap. “We’re going to play a love game, Omri. Every time you resist my romantic advances, I’ll whip you.” said Jennifer. “This is madness!” exclaimed Omri. Jennifer kept trying to kiss him, but he kept resisting, which resulted in a few whippings. Lia approached the bedroom door disguised as a candle salesman. “Candle salesman! Hello, is anyone in here?” asked Lia in a disguised voice. Jennifer leapt off of Omri and went over to Lia. “Do you sell any aphrodisiacs? My woohoo partner isn’t cooperating.” asked Jennifer. “I got just the thing for you, hon. It’s a candle that’s scent is so potent that it’s guaranteed to unleash the beast from within!” said Lia. “I’ll take a dozen!” exclaimed Jennifer. Lia told them that they were free, as she admired her sick woohoo style. Jennifer thanked her and Lia left. Jennifer closed and locked the door, lit all of the candles, and sat back on Omri’s lap again. At first Omri was resisting, but then the scent from all of the candles reached his nose. He could feel his sexual prowess increase. Jennifer now lit his fire so much that it was practically an inferno. You could almost see flames in his eyes. He broke his bondage, grabbed Jennifer, and pulled her under the covers with profound lust. He started to woohoo her fiercely like a beast. They were woohooing so hard that they were literally rocking the house!

Bella returned home, disappointed that her prize was a false phone call. She felt the ground shaking and a loud rumbling sound. She ran inside the house. “OMG there’s an earthquake!” exclaimed Bella. “I’ve got to find Omri and get out of here!” She started to search the downstairs, barely keeping her balance and almost falling over. She then climbed her way up the steps and struggled through the hallway. She tried to open the bedroom door, but it was locked. She bashed the door in, to see a blinding spectacle. Omri and Jennifer’s woohoo was creating so much heat and friction that they were actually generating light, and extremely bright light at that. Bella quickly covered her eyes and shouted “My eyes! My beautiful, brown eyes!” Omri stopped woohooing Jennifer, as he could recognize that it was Bella’s voice. Bella saw Omri in bed with Jennifer, and her jaw opened so widely that it literally hit the floor. “Omri, how could you! After all of the tender love and care I gave you, after I gave you my go and woohoo with some other chick? Even when I’m one month pregnant?” There was an awkward pause. “And you even had the nerve to woohoo her better than me!” Jennifer got out of the bed and exclaimed “He’s mine, toots. Get lost! He is my pagan god and you will never have him!” She grabbed a chair and started whipping at Bella like a lion tamer. “Get back, back you llama lover!” she exclaimed. That insult greatly offended Bella. She snatched the chair from Jennifer’s hand and tossed it aside. Jennifer tried to whip her, but it swung around her (Bella’s ) arm. Bella yanked it out of her arm, tossed it aside, and then was at her throat. They were both trying to strangle each other and were shaking each other violently. They then started to punch, kick, and slap each other. Omri was terrified, yet strangely aroused. o_O Jennifer pushed Bella away and grabbed a wine bottle, broke it over the edge of a dresser, and then tackled Bella to the floor and tried to stab her with it. Bella grabbed her arm and was forcefully and intently trying to push it away. Lia was watching through the bedroom window from the outside. She saw Bella’s struggle, so she cast a spell to increase Bella’s strength. Bella felt the energy and strength course through her. She swung Jennifer’s arm away, during which she dropped the broken bottle. Bella picked her up, swung her around, and propelled her across the room. She slammed against the wall and chipped it. She was now unconscious on the floor. Bella fell to her knees and started to sob uncontrollably.

Omri felt absolutely horrible. He tried to apologize to her and console her, but she refused to hear what he had to say and said that their marriage was over. He felt his heart sink and was making his way out of the room. Bella then grabbed him, picked him up, and propelled him out of the closed window, shattering it, and yelling ”You son of a llama!” Lia was both amazed and scared. She climbed in through he broken window and consoled Bella. “I was a such a fool to leave Mortimer! He’s the one I actually love!” said Bella. Lia used her homing device to see where Liam was in the world (she planted one on him just in case). She found out that he was in Barbados. She told Bella that Mortimer was last seen chasing Liam, and that if they find him, then they’ll likely find Mortimer. She and Bella made their way to the airport.

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Meanwhile, Liam was enjoying his time in sunny Barbados. He was away from Mortimer and the island was beautiful. He was staying at a classy hotel that played Rihanna music in the lobby, recreation areas, and restaurants all day long. He enjoyed taking strolls along the beaches while holding a parasol to shield his skin from the sun. He would play volleyball and build sandcastles with the other women of the island. They would also swim in the ocean and splash each other in shallow water. He also had handsome, muscular men covered in body oil apply sunscreen to his back and give him massages. He also enjoyed freshly made Pina Coladas and would dance with the locals at nighttime. He would engage in campfires, roast marshmallows, sing folk songs with the locals, and tell stories. He also liked to sleep both in his luxurious hotel bedroom or under the stars in a hammock, protected by being on the hotel’s property. He felt that he was in paradise.

To be continued...

P.S. Never cheat on your husband/wife, fiance, or boyfriend/girlfriend as it's a very wrong thing to do.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jennifer Burb falls for Bella's new husband! :O

Lia called made arrangements to have tea at Bella and Omri's seaside villa along with Jennifer Burb. Lia and Jennifer arrived at the beautiful seaside villa and rang the doorbell, which sounded like Mozart music. Bella answered the door and was greeted by Lia, who said:

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Bella shrieked in horror, fell down backwards, scooted/crawled backwards, and started sobbing in a corner. Lia had accidentally activated a shape shifting spell along the way over. Jennifer was too busy playing Angry Birds on her iPhone to notice. Lia quickly reversed the spell before Omri walked to the door. He asked Bella what was wrong, and she said in a timid, whispering voice "I saw Justin Bieber...the creeper..." Then Omri told her that whatever she saw wasn't there anymore and then informed Lia and Jennifer that Bella had a huge phobia of Justin Bieber. "I can't even tell if it's a boy or a girl..." said Bella. He propped her up and invited Lia and Jennifer inside. They were lead into a beautifully furnished and decorated parlor with tea already on a coffee table. They all sat down and took a cup of tea. They were talking about the weather, but then Bella realized something. “I forgot to buy lemon cakes from the store!” she exclaimed. “I’ll be right back…” She excused herself from the parlor, got in her car, and left to go get the tea cakes.

Lia, Jennifer, and Omri were chitchatting about various things. Lia cast a spell to empty their cups when none of them were looking. She then said “I noticed that you're both out of tea. How about I prepare you two some more?” They thought it was a nice gesture and agreed. Lia took the tea tray over to a set of drawers and poured the tea. She added cream sugar, and secretly poured in a love potion into the cups of tea. However, she accidentally poured most of it into one of the cups. She stirred them well and brought them back over to the coffee table. Omri and Jennifer started drinking their cups of tea, but then paused. Jennifer dropped her cup of tea, and was staring at Omri in a kind of trance. This is what she saw:

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Jennifer was overcome by a feeling of intense lust. She pushed Omri onto his back, jumped onto him like an animal, embraced him tightly, and started kissing him all over his face, neck, chest…everywhere. o_O Omri kept asking her to stop, but she said “How can I stop when you’re the embodiment of all sexiness? You’re irresistible!” Lia continued to watch the spectacle for a time until she heard a car pull into the driveway. “Bella’s home, you guys!" said Lia. Jennifer, stop trying to make love to Omri!” Jennifer said “Why should I care when I have Mr. Sexy?” She then grabbed Omri by his shirt, put his face up to hers, and she yelled “I need feminine fulfillment!” Lia was like ಠ_ಠ. She could hear Bella coming in the door, so she grabbed and picked up Jennifer. She was squirming violently and yelling things about how she needed Omri. “What’s the deal with her?” asked Bella. “Err…she didn’t take her medication this morning” said Lia. She carried Jennifer out the door, during which she continued to shout that she needed Omri and that they must make sweet love.

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Meanwhile, Liam was driving as fast as he could to the airport. Mortimer had hitched a taxi to follow him. He told the taxi cab driver to go to the side of Liam’s car. Mortimer crawled out of the passenger’s window and got on top of the car. He jumped onto the roof of Liam’s car. He then hung over the side of the car and was looking in through the driver’s window.

Mortimer took out an umbrella and was trying to break the window with it. Liam was freaking out and wasn’t looking where he was going. Because of this, he drove over the side of a cliff and they started to plummet hundreds of feet. They were both screaming in sheer terror, and their lives were flashing before their eyes. The car landed in a river. Mortimer continued trying to break in the window. Liam almost fainted from so much fright. They reached the end of the river, which was conveniently right next to the airport. Liam flung the car door open and made the mad dash for the entrance. Mortimer chased him through the lobby, security, and to the airport terminal. Liam sprinted onto a plane that he didn’t pay the flight for. The gate attendant/guard didn’t notice him go in. However, when Mortimer tried to go in after him, she stopped him and asked him for his ticket. He didn’t have one, so she turned him away. He tried to push her aside, but he could see the plane starting to take off. He ran through he door, onto the runway, and fiercely chased after the plane. It finally went into the air. Mortimer got onto his knees, put his arms in the air, and screamed at the top of his lungs “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!”

Liam didn’t know where the plane was going, but all he cared about was that he was getting away from Mortimer. He put on some headphones so he could listen to music and try to calm down.

To be continued…

Monday, February 21, 2011

My fake expansion pack covers

lHere are the current fake The Sims 3 expansion pack covers that I have made. I will post more if I make more.

Your sims now have chocolate! They can travel to the Amazon Basin and cultivate their own Theobroma cacao plants, while at the same time, admiring the natural beauty of the Amazon and the culture of the local natives. Bring cacao pods back home and grow your own! Harvest your fresh, ripe cacao beans and turn them into solid chocolate, chocolate beverages, or just eat them strait. You can also bring Amazonians back home with you! You can also buy chocolate from the local grocery store or candy shop. Some chocolates and drinks give you special moodlets and benefits, like increased skill building, job performance, and relationship building. Your sims can also get "in the mood" for romance. Be careful, eating too much chocolate may result in turning into a choco-sim! If this happens, you have a new death option: death by consumption.

Tagline: "Indulge your sims' senses in the sumptuous delight that is chocolate. Be wary of decadence."

Your sims now have Jessica Rabbit! Go to the Ink and Paint Club and watch her perform. Meet her husband, Roger Rabbit! She also sells the best carrot cakes this side of SimCity! Make sure your married men sims' wives don't find out about them watching her perform, or they may be in serious trouble! Children and teens may not be admitted into the Ink and Paint Club. Adults only!

Tagline: "Mmm...This is much better than playing patty cake!" or "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way. And your sims aren't bad, they're just made in C-A-S that way."

Warning!: If you have a fear of clowns, it may be best that you do not proceed along this post, or just quickly scroll past the next image.

Your sims now have clowns! Go down to the local circus or carnival and watch them perform and eat popcorn, hot dogs, snow cones, and cotton candy! Your sims now have the option to join the clown profession! Make balloon animals, throw pies in the face, slip on banana peels, squirt people in the face with your flower, and many more gags! Caution: Evil clowns lurk the streets at night. Make sure your sim children are safe indoors, or they may be eaten by these cannibalistic clowns! Your adult sims may be targets as well. Go outside at night with extreme caution.

Tagline: "Be the class clown!" or "Be careful or IT may find you!"

Your sims now have Madonna! Buy the newest Madonna albums, go see her tours, and become a fan! They may become obsessed with her and be fanatics. Your sims can also become Madonna stalkers. Your male sims also have the option to dress in drag and imitate her the best they can. o_O

Tagline: "Your sims are like virgins, woohooing for the very first time!" or "M-Dolla wants to play with your sims."

Your sims now have Paris Hilton! Your sims can blog about Paris, Tweet about Paris, visit Paris' MySpace page, look up photos of Paris online, visit Paris' website as well as Paris fansites, buy Paris fashion items, watch Paris on T.V. and in movies, send fanmail to Paris, stalk Paris, see Paris on the news...everyday..., talk about Paris, and wonder why Paris is famous! Your sims now have the ability to become famous for being famous! Your sims can also befriend Paris! They can take photos of her, share them with friends, hang them on their walls, and post them online! They can go over to Paris' place and talk about stuff! They can meet her dog, Tinker Bell. They even get to pet him/her! OMG!

Tagline: "I'm so hot." or "I got my eye on your sims, and when I get my eye on something, it's like search and destroy." or "Why is Paris Hilton famous? She's famous for being 'famous.'"

P.S. I'm not trying to bash Paris, I'm just lightly parodying her.

Your sims now have Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus! Have your child sims and teen sims buy all of her album, DVDs, toys, and anything else labeled with name "Hannah Montana". Become obsessed with her and her show. Become a Hannah stalker! Send her fanmail! See her MySpace, Twitter account, talk about her, etc. There is a new life stage: Pre-Teen. Pre-Teens hav the ability to be bigger fanatics of Hannah than any other sims. They can also get pimples, develope crushes, and have their first kiss. Your child, pre-teen, and teen sims can drive their parents and other adults insane with their constant talk of Hannah. Child, pre-teen, and teen sims can also sit and watch her on T.V. This will give them the "brainwashed" moodlet, which has no affect on mood. Sims can remain brainwashed for a time after watching her. Hannah fanatics will get the "It's Hannah!" moodlet everytime they see her or anything themed with her or her show. This gives them a +25 moodlet. You can even befriend Hannah! Go over to her house, talk about stuff, and have a slumber party! Co-ed is acceptable! o_O

Tagline: "Your sims are gonna have a party in the U.S.A.!" or "Your sims will be movin' their heads like yeah! Movin' their hips like yeah!"



If you want to hear music, click on the link below and then minimize the browser that pops up.

Your sims now have Disney! Your sims now have the option to watch Disney movies on the television. They can also buy Disney merchandise, such as toys, collectibles, clothing, decorations, kitchenware and dinnerware, bed spreads, etcetera. They have the option to talk about Disney to other sims. Your sims now have two new traits: Disney Freak and Dislikes Disney. Disney Freaks will get a positive moodlet when they watch Disney or are around Disney items while Dislike Disney sims will get a negative one. Your sims now have the option to enter the television and be in the Disney movies themselves! They have full interaction with the characters. Disney Freaks will get super excited, while Dislike Disney sims will be franticly trying to escape the movie. Your sims have the option to help the characters with their quests, whether they be heroes or villains. Who and how your sims help determines the outcome of the movie! There is also a Disney station on the radio that plays classic Disney songs and music.

Tagline: "Your sims are entering a whole new world."

Mortimer Goth has gone into a rage! :O

After finding out that Liam had been cheating on Mortimer with Don, Cassandra hightailed it over to the Goth residence. Mortimer saw it was her and invited her inside for a cup of tea. As they were having tea, Cassandra told him what Liam had been doing with Don. She also told him that the woman he (Mortimer) was dating was actually Liam who became a transvestite. Mortimer stopped everything he was doing, became silent, stood up, and screamed at the top of his lungs:

If you want to hear music, click on the below link and minimize the browser that pops up.

He picked up the teapot full of tea and threw it across the room, in which it slammed into the wall and shattered into many pieces. He was screaming obscenities about Liam and Don, stomping his feet, and slamming his fists against the walls. He was also knocking over furniture, breaking vases and figurines made out of porcelain and glass, ripped apart pillows with his hands and teeth like an animal, and even threw a brick that he had ripped off of the fireplace at Cassandra when she tried to get him to stop. It luckily missed her, but almost didn't. Finally, he took everything that Liam had given him and left at his house, threw it into a pile outside, and lit a bonfire. He ran off of the property, screaming how he was going to get his revenge upon "the two scoundrels." Cassandra chased after him.

Meanwhile, Lia found out about the whole fiasco when Kim Kent called her up, thinking that she (Lia) should know what happened to her boyfriend’s life. Lia was very shocked and almost broke out into tears. Not knowing what to do, she sought the help of a fortune teller. She went down to the strip mall where the fortune shop was, which was barely paying its lease.

If you want to hear more music, close the other browser if you opened it and click on the below link and minimize the browser that pops up.

Lia sat down in a fancy chair from Eastern Europe in a very dimmed room. All that was lighting it were some candles and the light radiating from a crystal ball. Madam Mare asked what brought Lia there. She told him/her all that she knew. Madam Mare then starting moving her hands around the crystal ball and saying a sort of incantation, as she was contacting the spirit world. Suddenly, a burst of light pulsated from the crystal ball. After the blinding spectacle was over, the head of The Sims 3 forums user Zeri was inside the ball. She asked why she was summoned, as she was in the middle of playing The Sims 3. Lia told her about the situation. Zeri responded by saying:

Lia pleaded with her, saying that she loves Liam dearly and would hate if anything happened to him. She started crying and tears were rolling down her face. Zeri was surprised and moved by Lia’s profound and sincere love for Liam. She decided to take pity on her and make a deal. She said that if she helped save Liam, then she would be allowed to torment him one day per week. Lia reluctantly agreed to the compromise. Zeri told her that the only way that balance could be brought back to Sunset Valley was to get Mortimer and Bella to reconcile. But first, they would have to get Bella and Omri to leave each other, so that Bella would be single again. In order to do that, one of them would have to cheat on the other. Zeri granted Lia some magic potions and spells to help her on her quest. Lia hugged the crystal ball (nearly suffocating Zeri), thanked her, and ran out of the shop. Madam Mare yelled “Hey! You still owe me fifty bucks!”

To be continued...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I received another angry letter about Liam o_O

Here's the letter:

"Dear hag1TSOTSO,

How dare you abuse Liam the way that you do? You've humiliated him numerous times and severely damaged his mental health! He became so delusional from your exploitation that he became convinced that he was actually a woman trapped in a man's body, and now he got sex reassignment surgery! How dare you, hag?! He had a great girlfriend and a normal life (besides being hated by various forums users). Even then, he was a valuable member of society! But now, he's a woman, dating Mortimer Goth, and is cheating on him by phone with Don Lothario! Cassandra found out about this and is going to tell Mortimer! You ruined Liam's life! I mean, how can anyone take him seriously the way he is now?!

If you want to hear music, click on the below link and minimize the browser that pops up.

You, hag sir, are a sadist! You're lucky that EA even made Liam, and even more lucky that he got uploaded by a SimGuru! Who are you to do all of this to him, who has already been getting so much hate and bashing from the forums users? Leave Liam alone! Please! *Starts sobbing* Leave Liam alone, alright? I mean it! Anyone who has a problem with him will have to deal with me! *Sobbing* Please...just leave him alone...please...or I'll leave dead mice and birds on your lawn (I'm a cat, aren't I?)

Most sincerely,

The Liam Kitteh (A.K.A. Liam's biggest fan XOXOXOXO)"

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Liam has been cheating on Mortimer! :O

If you want to hear music, click on the below link and then minimize the browser that pops up.

Liam has been growing tired of Mortimer. Because of this, he's been giving into his temptation to be promiscuous. He met Don Lothario down at the shopping center. Liam asked Don which dress looked cuter on him, and Don replied by saying something pervy that I'm not allowed to say on the forums. Liam was immediately attracted to Don's naughty vibe. They exchanged phone numbers and have been talking every night ever since. They talk very dirty on the phone, as they're having phone woohoo.

Don doesn't know that the woman is Liam, and Mortimer doesn't know of the dirty phone conversations. Kim and Piper have been secretly listening to Don and Liam's phone calls by listening on another phone in the house, which they disabled the dial tone to, so that they wouldn't get caught. They were laughing their heads off, were turned on, and felt very dirty. They've also been secretly reading Liam's diary, to which they broke out into more hysterics.

Cassandra is still Don's fiancé. One day, while Don was at work, Cassandra decided to break into his house and check for evidence of cheating, as she recently found out about his womanizing nature. She checked his phone call history, and found nightly calls made to Liam's number. She found that the calls lasted a lengthy amount of time. She listened to messages that hadn’t been erased yet, and heard Liam talking dirty. She had mixed emotions. She was furious that her fiancé and her father’s lover were cheating on them, and was also very weirded out that Don had Liam as a lover. She left the house and made the mad dash to the Goth residence. I sense two impending breakups...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Liam's secret crush

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While Liam is now a woman and has Mortimer as his lover, he-she still isn't satisfied. But alas, Morty is not the man of his dreams. He often lays on his bed, daydreaming of his dream man.

Yes, his dreamboat is Mr. Bean. He finds all of his quirky and eccentric behavior to be very charming. And the way he dresses and his high intelligence...a big turn on indeed! Liam would like just one night alone with him...just one...Do I hear wedding bells? Unfortunately, his fantasies are often interrupted by Morty calling him to say "I love you, my cute little sugar pony!" or by Kim and Piper rambling on about their crushes on Pee-Wee Herman.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mortimer finally found a new lover!

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Since Bella had left Mortimer for chenmn123's simself, Morty had the most horrible luck with finding new lovers. He got so desperate, that he even tried getting a dinosaur to go out with him! He thought that all hope was lost, but then he found her...or should I say him...or him-her?

That's right, Liam is Mortimer's new lover! How did this happen, you ask? Well, all of my exploitation of Liam finally did its toll on him, and he finally decided to make the switch over to womanhood. He went and got sex change surgery. Within a few days after leaving the hospital, he met Mortimer at a cafe. They immediately took a liking to each other. They sat down to have a cup of coffee together. They started playing footsie and made quite a spectacle. Mortimer walked Liam home, kissed him goodnight, and the rest was history. The reason that he looks so angry in the picture is because I intruded in on them and took a photo while they were in privacy. Mortimer still doesn't know that the woman is Liam. chenmn123's simself was laughing his head off when he heard about this, while Bella refused to comment. Here are some more reactions to the whole ordeal:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Liam is representin' California!

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Liam has been summoned to the SimPlanet council to represent a geographical location. So, Liam chose California!

Why did he choose California, you might ask? Because of its sunny beaches and entertainment! He's also obsessed with Katy Perry. Liam invited Will Wright to come along, and he accepted.

Who knew that Mr. Wright would look so good in a bikini-like outfit?

Liam has been spending quality time with other guys

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Liam has been spending quality time with other guys. He's been playing video game tournaments, browsing YouTube videos, watching sports on television, wrestling, helping Mrs. Crumplebottom cross the street, and other manly things. He loves spending time with his own gender, as he feels more connected with them than with women. Liam had also been taking drawing, painting, and sculpting classes because he wants to follow in the steps of Michelangelo, as they both like to paint and sculpt the male figure. Liam got his guy friends to pose for him, and he made accurate depictions of them, besides the rippling muscles that they didn't have. After he spent time with the guys, we went to catch up with his girlfriend, Lia, to have a romantic date together. She had been working out, and now had rippling muscles of her own, which pleased Liam.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day from Liam!

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Liam would like to wish all of you a Happy Valentine's Day! He called all the way from Sunset Valley just to say how much he loves us all!

He also sent us a Valentine's Day gift! Awww...That's so sweet, I'm getting cavities!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Evil_One isn't so evil...

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Awww...Evil__One ain't so evil. She loves to sing in the forest and be kind to the animals. :-) Although she does live with seven men, which can take a toll on her temper...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

CK213 is feeling a bit claustrophobic

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CK213 can make your wishes come true...but first you gotta rub him the right way. Rub the bottle to let him out (as he's been trapped in there for millenia) and give him a Sims valentine for Valentine's Day, and he may consider being your sweetheart.

If you're wondering why there isn't music embedded into this post, it's because the ability to embed YouTube videos into posts on The Sims 3 forums has been removed. I would copy and past the posts directly into my blog. I don't know how to make it music-only otherwise. If I find another way, then I'll probably resume embedding music into my blog posts again.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SR_in_Simmerland had fun after school...

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Right after the bell rang and school was out, SR_in_Simmerland, as well as all of the other students in the school, got the sudden and strong urge to sing and dance! They sang and danced up and down the hallways of the school, as well as outside of it around cool cars. All of the teachers and school staff looked at them like they (the students) had gone mad. They (the students, as well as the teachers and school staff) decided to head down to the mall for window shopping.