Friday, February 25, 2011

Bella's new husband cheats on her...epicly! :O

It became nightfall and Bella and Omri enjoyed a nice dinner of Goopy Carbonara. The telephone rang and Bella went to anser it. "Hello?" said Bella. "Are you Bella Goth, ma'am?" asked Lia (in a manly voice, as she used a spell to disguise her real one). "Yes, I am, though Goth is my old last name" said Bella. "Well then, miss Bella lady, you have won an all-expense-paid visit to the Day Spa!" said Lia. "OMG really? That's super!" said Bella. "The offer only lasts tonight, so you ebtter hurry!" said Lia. "I'm on my way!" said Bella. "Omri, I just won a schweet prize to have an all-expense-payed trip to the Day Spa, but it only laststonight. I'll be back after I'm done, sweetie. Goodnight, Omri dear!" Bella left the villa and started driving to the Day Spa. Lia tricked her because she needed to get Omri to cheat on Bella with Jennifer Burb.

Some time went by and Omri was daydreaming in the bedroom with the lights off. He couldn't stop thinking about Jennifer and shawarma. Suddenly, the door swung open to reveal a silhouette with delicious curves. The light subsidedand he saw this woman:

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It was Jennifer Burb, all decked out in naughty clothes. Omri’s mouth dropped wide open. He leaped off of the bed in his surprise and was wondering what she was going to do. She walked seductively toward him and pushed him onto the bed. She held him down and bound his hands and feet tightly with rope. She got onto the bed, got on her knees, and sat on his lap. “We’re going to play a love game, Omri. Every time you resist my romantic advances, I’ll whip you.” said Jennifer. “This is madness!” exclaimed Omri. Jennifer kept trying to kiss him, but he kept resisting, which resulted in a few whippings. Lia approached the bedroom door disguised as a candle salesman. “Candle salesman! Hello, is anyone in here?” asked Lia in a disguised voice. Jennifer leapt off of Omri and went over to Lia. “Do you sell any aphrodisiacs? My woohoo partner isn’t cooperating.” asked Jennifer. “I got just the thing for you, hon. It’s a candle that’s scent is so potent that it’s guaranteed to unleash the beast from within!” said Lia. “I’ll take a dozen!” exclaimed Jennifer. Lia told them that they were free, as she admired her sick woohoo style. Jennifer thanked her and Lia left. Jennifer closed and locked the door, lit all of the candles, and sat back on Omri’s lap again. At first Omri was resisting, but then the scent from all of the candles reached his nose. He could feel his sexual prowess increase. Jennifer now lit his fire so much that it was practically an inferno. You could almost see flames in his eyes. He broke his bondage, grabbed Jennifer, and pulled her under the covers with profound lust. He started to woohoo her fiercely like a beast. They were woohooing so hard that they were literally rocking the house!

Bella returned home, disappointed that her prize was a false phone call. She felt the ground shaking and a loud rumbling sound. She ran inside the house. “OMG there’s an earthquake!” exclaimed Bella. “I’ve got to find Omri and get out of here!” She started to search the downstairs, barely keeping her balance and almost falling over. She then climbed her way up the steps and struggled through the hallway. She tried to open the bedroom door, but it was locked. She bashed the door in, to see a blinding spectacle. Omri and Jennifer’s woohoo was creating so much heat and friction that they were actually generating light, and extremely bright light at that. Bella quickly covered her eyes and shouted “My eyes! My beautiful, brown eyes!” Omri stopped woohooing Jennifer, as he could recognize that it was Bella’s voice. Bella saw Omri in bed with Jennifer, and her jaw opened so widely that it literally hit the floor. “Omri, how could you! After all of the tender love and care I gave you, after I gave you my go and woohoo with some other chick? Even when I’m one month pregnant?” There was an awkward pause. “And you even had the nerve to woohoo her better than me!” Jennifer got out of the bed and exclaimed “He’s mine, toots. Get lost! He is my pagan god and you will never have him!” She grabbed a chair and started whipping at Bella like a lion tamer. “Get back, back you llama lover!” she exclaimed. That insult greatly offended Bella. She snatched the chair from Jennifer’s hand and tossed it aside. Jennifer tried to whip her, but it swung around her (Bella’s ) arm. Bella yanked it out of her arm, tossed it aside, and then was at her throat. They were both trying to strangle each other and were shaking each other violently. They then started to punch, kick, and slap each other. Omri was terrified, yet strangely aroused. o_O Jennifer pushed Bella away and grabbed a wine bottle, broke it over the edge of a dresser, and then tackled Bella to the floor and tried to stab her with it. Bella grabbed her arm and was forcefully and intently trying to push it away. Lia was watching through the bedroom window from the outside. She saw Bella’s struggle, so she cast a spell to increase Bella’s strength. Bella felt the energy and strength course through her. She swung Jennifer’s arm away, during which she dropped the broken bottle. Bella picked her up, swung her around, and propelled her across the room. She slammed against the wall and chipped it. She was now unconscious on the floor. Bella fell to her knees and started to sob uncontrollably.

Omri felt absolutely horrible. He tried to apologize to her and console her, but she refused to hear what he had to say and said that their marriage was over. He felt his heart sink and was making his way out of the room. Bella then grabbed him, picked him up, and propelled him out of the closed window, shattering it, and yelling ”You son of a llama!” Lia was both amazed and scared. She climbed in through he broken window and consoled Bella. “I was a such a fool to leave Mortimer! He’s the one I actually love!” said Bella. Lia used her homing device to see where Liam was in the world (she planted one on him just in case). She found out that he was in Barbados. She told Bella that Mortimer was last seen chasing Liam, and that if they find him, then they’ll likely find Mortimer. She and Bella made their way to the airport.

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Meanwhile, Liam was enjoying his time in sunny Barbados. He was away from Mortimer and the island was beautiful. He was staying at a classy hotel that played Rihanna music in the lobby, recreation areas, and restaurants all day long. He enjoyed taking strolls along the beaches while holding a parasol to shield his skin from the sun. He would play volleyball and build sandcastles with the other women of the island. They would also swim in the ocean and splash each other in shallow water. He also had handsome, muscular men covered in body oil apply sunscreen to his back and give him massages. He also enjoyed freshly made Pina Coladas and would dance with the locals at nighttime. He would engage in campfires, roast marshmallows, sing folk songs with the locals, and tell stories. He also liked to sleep both in his luxurious hotel bedroom or under the stars in a hammock, protected by being on the hotel’s property. He felt that he was in paradise.

To be continued...

P.S. Never cheat on your husband/wife, fiance, or boyfriend/girlfriend as it's a very wrong thing to do.

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