Friday, February 25, 2011

Mortimer wasn't the only man that LIam had been seeing! :O

Let's backtrack to the beginning of the Liam soap opera. When Liam was getting sex reassignment surgery is CAS, all of his doctors were men. When doing the sliders, they decided to max out his breast slider to the right. When the operation was done, all of the male nurses in the hospital wanted to care for Liam. They would even bring him flowers and boes of chocolates, wishing him to get better soon. They would even fluff up his pillows, turn on his favorite T.V. channel, and even hire live entertainment for him! When it was time for him to check out of the hospital, all of the male nurses asked him for his number. When he was in the hospital, he had to choose on a new name for his female identity, so he chose Shantay (pronounced "shawn tay").

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Things were never he same for Liam. He had no trouble attracting men. They all came flocking and wanted to be his slave.

Random men would run up to him when he was walking down the street, telling him how much they admired him. They would open doors for him, buy him gifts, pay for his meals at restaurants, clean his house, give him endless amounts of compliments, and so on. Any time they wanted to eat with Liam, they demanded to have Cocoa Puffs with milk poured on it. He had no idea why, but he complied with their requests for it. They would just be staring at him, drooling. One day one of the men asked him "What junk are you hidin' inside yo' trunk? Will you show it to us?" Liam agreed to do so, and all of the men got really excited. He told them that they had to do it in private. As Liam was walking to their destination, all of the men were following him, struttin' their stuff. Once they got to the room and the door was closed, all of the men starting shouting "Yeah, baby! Let's see that junk!" Liam made a build up, saying that it was going to be the most spectacular thing that they would ever lay their eyes upon. They started drooling and thumping their feet. "Are you ready?" asked Liam. "Yes, ma'am!"" all of the men shouted. Liam pulled out a trunk from inside a closet, opened it, and showed them what was inside. It was full of old family photos and heirlooms. He went on and started talking about his family history, and all of the men left, disappointed, while he was explaining it. Liam became depressed, and realized that what they really wanted to see was his lady lumps, and that that was all they liked him for. He decided to go to a cafe to drown his sorrows. He was sitting at the counter, looking miserable. A nice elderly man came up to him asked him if he wanted a nice cup of coffee. Liam perked up, smiled, and told him that that would be lovely and thanked him.

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