Saturday, January 22, 2011

What SR_in_Simmerland dreams of becoming

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SR_in_Simmerland wants to be Justin Bieber. He owns all of his albums, posters, merchandise, etcetera. He stalks Justin as closely as he can. He goes to all of his concerts and attempts to slip back stage and hide in his dressing room for a chance to meet him. He did get his autograph once, and it caused him to scream, pee his paints, and faint. He also broke into Justin's home and planted video and audio recording devices in every room. He breaks back in once per week to swap out the recording devices and see what new week's worth of Justin's life he can absorb into his brain. He does all of this because 1. He adores Justin Bieber, and 2. He wants to become the next Justin Bieber.  

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