Wednesday, January 19, 2011

paco1200 makes it big!

Click play if you want to hear music.

Zeri isn't the only simmer who's making it in Hollywood! paco1200 got a sweet deal with a record producer to cover hit songs by music artists. Here's one of them:

If you want to meet paco1200 in person, you'll have to catch him at one of his autograph sessions. You might also be able to find him in his luxurious penthouse drinking some champagne while soaking in his state-of-the-art hottub. You must be invited...or at least be a stealthy-enough stalker to break into his home. o_O
Click play if you want to hear music.

paco1200 and SR_in_Simmerland have also been doing some traveling.

They danced and sang in front of the London Bridge for a few hours. After that, they went to Buckingham Palace and had tea with Queen Elizabeth II. They also got to go see Big Ben and other landmarks and attractions. They also went out to Stonehenge.

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