Monday, January 24, 2011

Liam has sent me an angry letter...

Dear hag1TSOTSO,

I noticed that for the past two months or so you have been putting my head and/or face on celebrities' bodies and posting the pictures on the forums. While I would have appreciated the fame, you brought me a kind of fame that was less than desirable. I mean, look at what you have reduced me to in simmers' eyes!

Click play if you want to hear music.

I can’t pop up on anyone’s screen or walk down the street in Sunset Valley without someone saying “Oh look, it’s the drag queen!” or “Oh look, it’s the transvestite!” No one will take me seriously anymore, not even my girlfriend! Do you have any idea how degrading and frustrating this is for me? I’m tired of you exploiting me! When will milking this joke stop?! You better stop making pictures of me (at least feminine ones) , or else! I’ll be your worst nightmare! So stop it, you big meanie!

Liam O’Dourke


P.S. I don't know much about dressing in drag, but my hair looks fierce!


  1. Hag I dont even know how to message you -3-
    But you should totally do more cartoon ones, they're hilarious. What about Catloverplayer and Johnny Bravo lol. Or Maybe theOregonRegent, SimARL lol.
    Or since I can only think of males maybe a Spice Girls one! :D

  2. @MissChatterbox: I actually tried to contact you once, but you never responded. It told me that it sent it to your email, unless it really didn't.

  3. lol Yeah I just got it today when I visited here. I figured out how, you need to subscribe to my blog for me to reply -_-

  4. Ok, I subscribed. You do have some very nice creations. I particularly like the lots. :)