Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Liam’s Happily Ever After Thread

What will Liam’s Happily Ever After be in your book? Will he get his fair maiden (or Prince Charming)? Will he find his Knight in Shining Armor? Will he ride through the magical forest on a unicorn? Will he play deep in a secret part the woods with a group of fairies? You decide!

Make your own Liam picture that portrays what his Happily Ever After is (in your book) and post it here! If you want to even go as far as writing an entire Liam fairy tale, go ahead! You may either make edited pictures or use your own pictures of Liam from in the game. Remember, the objective of this is to have fun.

This was the entire first post of the thread (minus a smiley). To join in, click here.

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