Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Something regal has happened to one of the forums users!

Click play if you want to hear music.

Make way for Prince Omri! Say hey, it's Prince Omri!

That's right! Omri (A.K.A. chenmn123) has become a prince! What is his kingdom, you may ask? Is it SimCity? Is it Sheba? Has Israel returned to its ancient monarchy? Who knows...What we do know that is that he is highly exalted by his royal subjects as well as the people of his country. When he isn't busy doing his royal duties, he's playing The Sims or lurking the forums. All of his female servants are required to dress like Bella Goth and all of his male servants are required to dress like Mortimer Goth. His entertainers also reenact the entire Goth family history everyday in his throne room where he enjoys fresh shawarma and baklava. He is also very supportive and caring of his people, and will often walk down the street, wave hi to them, and engage in casual conversation with them. Prince Omri is single, ladies. If you're could become a princess!

More "Aladdin" characters to come...

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