Monday, March 28, 2011

...Would you hold it against him?

If you want to hear music, then click on the below link and minimize the browser that pops up. 


Lately, paco1200 has been producing Sims 3 music videos. However, he could possibly have use for some more sims to use in his videos. It could be a nice, fresh change and a chance for his sims to rest. Your sims look like paradise, and his own need a vacation tonight! So, if he said he wanted your sims now...would you hold it against him? 

P.S. I also intended to put him on the cover of the "3" single by Britney Spears, but that seemed to be too difficult at this time. I noticed that since her "Blackout" album, she likes to make her face really bright on some of her album and single covers, which complicates things.

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