Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I got perma banned from the Sims 3 site

Hello, everyone. I'm here to inform you that I have been permanently banned from the Sims 3 site, with my last offense being "advertising". From now on, you will see me on the forums as TheCheshireHag. Here's my new profile:

UPDATE: If you wanna know the full story, here it is.

It happened like this. I woke up this morning and went to check my email. I get a Terms of Service violation email from I figured it was a 72-hour suspension and wondered what they banned me for this time. But when I entered it, it said that my EA account was permanently banned and that my last offense was "advertising". They didn't tell me what I was advertising or even show me the content I was banned for. I filed an inquiry asking what "advertising" I was banned for. Now I'm just waiting for them to respond so that I can avoid doing what got me banned. All I can think of is that they may have viewed me posting my edited pictures on the forums as spam, as I also document them in my blog. So, maybe they thought I was flooding the forums with advertisements for my blog? They also said they banned me for "the severity and number of violations of our Terms of Service committed with the personas associated with this email address." Ok, I was banned two times before my permanent one. First, it was for posting an Austin Powers picture that said "Do I make you horny?" in a thread for women simmers by saying something like "None of you women can resist Austin Powers! He's a sexy beast! RAWR!" That I can see being banned for. The second time I was banned, it was for my SimGuruPopTart thread (click here if you want to see it). I find it sad yet typical I was banned for it. It was just an innocent parody and pun of SimGuruPopTart. However, they may have viewed it as some kind of insult or ridiculing. And now, I'm perma-banned for something they were vague about.


  1. That's a lame reason to be perma-banned. :[ But I do like the new name, hehe.

    P.S. I took your advice and started a blog!

  2. Boo. They ban people for the dumbest reasons, while others can post bad pictures (you know which ones I'm talking about) and they take forever to ban their account.

    On the plus side, you've come back with a cool new name and a rockin' avatar! =)

  3. I'd sure like to know what you were 'advertising'. It doesn't sound like a good reason to me.

  4. Lame, much? If anything, you were advertising their website via Liam and their game! It is all about someone pushing the 'report' button. EA doesn't read the thread to see if the reporting is valid. They just ban! I was perma'd for abbreviating Sims and Modeling to S&M. The entire thread was about Sims and Modeling but a little twit was insulted by the abbreviation and reported me. EA just looks at the one post and drops the banhammer!

    Anyway....I am glad you are back and, like everyone else, I love the new name and avie! :)

  5. Well that's a pretty stupid reason to get permanantly banned.

  6. When someone get's banned, do they have to change their username or something?

  7. @Zombie_Galaxy: When you get banned, you have to create an entire other account. I already had a secondary account existing from a few years ago, so I registered another Sims 3 game under it. Any expansion pack or stuff pack will work. When you sign up again for the Sims 3 site, you have the option to use your universal account name or to choose a new persona specifically for the site.

  8. Ugh, that's seriously so annoying to me. The EA banning system's apparently still very corrupt, I thought it was finally getting better. -.- There was nothing short of a horrible banning epidemic several months back where countless good and helpful simmers were getting banned left and right, including me. First time I was banned for posting my email which was (and still is) already up on my TS3 Page, and the next time without reason, but my guess would be because I said the word "rum" when I was talking about pirates. And now, of course, we have this horrible troll with all these different accounts who keeps returning, and the Mods just sit back and let him do whatever for a while without doing anything about it. Probably because they're too busy finding idiotic reasons to ban good people. They seriously, seriously piss me off. :/

  9. Hello TheCheshireHag
    I love your photo about SimGuruPopTart xD XD It's so stupid that they banned you.

    This idiot girl just banned me because I was defending someone on a forum ! :P LOL I was defending a guy who had misplaced his question and 'Moepmoep' didn't like it :P So I told her, that we're people and that all we make mistakes and for defending that guy she banned me ! xD Hahaha, so lame.. I had a blast on that forum :P Those people are so weird, I still have to laugh with them! xD

    AnnaLyanna (also my sims3website)