Sunday, March 6, 2011

Liam went to Moulin Rouge

 The reason that Liam had not been showing up for a lot of people (at least not often) was because EA had to shorten Liam's work hours due to budget cuts. In order to make enough money to survive, Liam had to get a second job. He tried other places, but they rejected him due to his reputation. However, he applied at Moulin Rouge, and they gladly hired him (due to his fame as a drag queen).

If you want to hear music, then click on the below link and then minimize the browser that pops up.

On the night of Liam's first show, most of the men in the audience were laughing their heads off and/or mocking him by blowing kisses at him. Some men, however, ran out of the room in horror. His show became so popular, that it became the main feature. Liam was dying inside from all of the humiliation. He was also freaked out by how artistically bizarre the people working at Moulin Rouge were. Recently, EA offered him some more time slots, meaning that he would be payed money and be able to more sufficiently support himself without the stage humiliation. Liam abandoned his Moulin Rouge career and fled back to EA. He got a job at an ice cream parlor to earn extra money. The owner hired him because he loved his old performance at Moulin Rouge, because he thought that it was brilliantly funny.

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