Tuesday, March 29, 2011

All of the news and hubbub were too much for Liam to handle

Before you read this post, let me give some background information. This I woke up on March 11, 2011 and when I went onto the forums, there was a bunch of mega hype over the Generations and Unleashed trailers being leaked/released. So, I decided to seize opportunity and parody the situation. I posted this parody the day that I saw the hubbub, but I didn't put it in my blog until now.

It was just a normal day for Liam. He decided to get on his pink computer to see what was new on the forums.

If it's too small for you to read, click the below link to see a bigger picture.

Poor Liam. It was too much for his head to comprehend and process.


  1. Wow... too much excitement even for Liam!

  2. I wonder how he feels about the troll...