Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Response to The Mare's Nest

The Mare's Nest made a post about me here, which is the one I'm responding to.

First off, I'd just like to make it clear that I respect you have your own opinions of the members of the Sims community. Everyone has their own opinions of everything. I also enjoy reading your blog, and while I don't always agree with your viewpoints, I still enjoy reading it anyway. Heck, there are even times I laughed at posts that you wrote because I liked your humor tactic and/or because I thought what you wrote was so true. I also loved your report on the fall of the Sesert fiasco, a situation that had a painfully-long unwelcome stay, was a complete farce by nature, and was far too long overdue to end.

What I don't like, however, is how you just jumped on my post like that, being quick to judge. The reason I've been so less active is not because I'm "not getting enough attention" from what you interpret to be sycophants stimulating my ego. The reason is because 1. I became less interested with the game, and 2. I wanted to move on to other things.

I don't like how you think I'm an egocentric twat who feeds off of attention and that I must always be the center of attention. There was a time that I did do attention-whorish things in this community, but I was very reclusive at the time and was getting in over my head about my online social life (which was my only social life at the time). I'd also like to state that the reason I posted those Liam surveys again was because 1. I sincerely had fun making them, and 2. I was posting them for old time's sake for those who still like my Liam creations (If any), regardless of how pathetic and I.Q.-lowering you think they are. I am well aware that the pictures and stories I made were by no means any sort of masterpieces as, like you said, they were cut-and-paste jobs. I made them for laughs, not for art. While having the feeling of "fans" at the time played a large role in fueling my creation of them, I have no regrets in making them. Now I do acknowledge that I went about the wrong way in which I shared them, as posting thread after thread and poll after poll in General Discussion is annoying, obnoxious, spamming, and overly attention-grabbing. I should have kept them confined to my blog long ago. I repeat that I do acknowledge that I had attention-whoring behavior earlier on. Do you know why I liked to make so many things about Liam? There was a reason beyond the mere fact that I liked having "fans". Liam just so happens to be one of my favorite pre-made sims. I liked all of his quirks: how all the simmers hated him for popping up ont heir screens, how he's so stereotypically nerdy, etc. I actually liked making jokes about him because I actually find it amusing, and spending all that time making stuff about him actually made me come to appreciate the character more. If you feel that bringing any of my past Liam works up at all in this community is simply a manifestation of me wanting to "further expand my ego", then I'm sorry that you feel that way.

I'm also more creative than you think I am. I got a kick out of making pictures and stories about him, other pre-mades, and other simmers in scandalous and outrageous situations. Why? Because I have a mixed, diverse, yet bizarre sense of humor. I acknowledge that I did go overboard on the drag queen/transvestite theme, but hey, what was done has been done. I'm perfectly capable of making my own original characters with original plotlines, thank you very much. I just chose not to do this with the Sims community at the time.

Also, I did not join the brony community to "amuse" them (or more accurately to what you think "feed off of a new audience"). I joined it because I sincerely like the T.V. show. This community is a hell of a lot more than just posting memes that one found on the Internet, unlike what you seem to insinuate. It's just like any fanbase. It has its fan art, fan music, fanfics, general conversing about it, etc. People come together to share their genuine appreciation for the subject, which is what I've done. Also, I never set foot on 4chan. Just throwing that out there.

Another thing that I want to point out is that I did not leave the Tomb Raider community because of "getting bored from lack of attention". I left because I started feeling like I didn't quite belong with the people there at the time. What you're probably talking about is that, like over on the Sims 3 forums, I posted comics I made over there each having a thread dedicated to them. You may also be talking about a controversial thread I made over there at one point about a celebrity. But you know what? I was 15 at the time. Teenagers often do stupid things like that and then grow out of it (at least I hope the majority of them do). Also, if you did any further research of me with whatever Google searches you've made, then you would have found that I was part of the Sims community longer than the Tomb Raider one. I first joined by joining the Sims 2 community in late 2004. I was12 - 15 during my stay there, so you may have found some attention-seeking natured posts or threads there, just as you would with a lot of teenagers.

Do I do things like this anymore? No. I have grown as an individual. When I see people who flat out whore themselves out on a forum site, much like people like Innuendo do, I ignore them. I do not participate. I have better things to do with my time and with my life, as they should do with theirs.

Even if you respond to this post by scoffing at it and not believing a single thing stated in it, I won't care. Do you know why? Because I know who I am. You don't know who I am, and the fact that you made such a quick assumption about the current state of my character as a human being is, quite frankly, narrow-minded.

Before you make judgmental assumptions, perhaps you should take into account that maybe what one is doing now may be from a totally different perspective or mindset than what you thought it was or what it had been.


  1. eh dont take it too seriously. try not to let what TMN say get under your skin. you just keep on being you and doin what you like. :)

  2. Once again another complaint towards the blog which i like to call a troll blog, that's how i feel that they are turning out to be these days, one thing i don't understand about people is that why read them if it's going to make your blood boil? that's what trolls do :/

    before i start to make a rant i just want to say, stay the way you are Hag! You are who you are, people like/love who you are and your happy of who you are. That's all that matters!

    my honest opinion is that people need to stop reading their trash, but if they want to, they want to.

  3. I'll be honest. Yes, it's their own opinion of you, Hag, but the whole "face first into a landmine" thing was in really poor taste in my opinion.

    I may have my times of being an absolute bitch, but honestly, I wouldn't tell someone in the simming community something like that. I found it unnecessary. Keep doing what you do, Hag, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  4. Yeah, I agree with Toast. Alsom, they jumped to some really big conclusions in that post, and were just flat out unnecessarily rude to you. So, don't even think about changing hag, your humor is what makes you so fudgin awesome! Also, what brony websites are you on? I haven't been on them for a while, looking to get more in the brony community.

    'I acknowledge that I did go overboard on the drag queen/transvestite theme'

    There is never any limit to a drag queen/transvestite theme!

  5. Thanks for the support everyone. I appreciate it. :-) I just got really pissed off and felt compelled to respond because 1. They posted about posts on my blog, it's not like I called them over or shoved it in their faces, so it seemed pretty off-the-wall, and 2. The way that they jumped to conclusions about everything and how they presented it was just totally abhorrent to me. Anyway...

    @miktiger: I'll send you a message on Tumblr.

  6. I found a great quote for your situation, Hag.

    "Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are."

  7. The TMN twats are FuckTards.

    ;) Yes, I'm inserting my 2 cents on here. Deal with it, even though I'm not part of this particular clique, nor want to be.