Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Referral fail

At least twice now people have been refered to my blog through a foreign porn site. o_O I meant to post this soon after I took the screenshot (within a few weeks ago), but I ended up not doing that. Lol But now I did.

I censored part of the URL in case someone got the idea to go there. All you need to see is the XXX to know what kind of site it is. Lol But the question is, how did people get referred to my blog from a porn site? Lol This reminds me of the the time I read on Paco's blog that he got sent emails about male enhancement pills and the time I read on SR's blog that when he was Googling the name of his blog (SR's Deep Thoughts), autocomplete listed "srs deepthroats" as a suggestion. :P For these accounts, click here for Paco's and click here for SR's (scroll down to "I Made A Blog" on SR's).

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