Wednesday, August 3, 2011

O hai again

Hey everyone. I haven't updated my blog with Sims stuff for a while because of lack of motivation and personal things, but I plan to start posting more often again. Yes, I know I've said that before, but this time I will (or at least resolve to) stick to my resolution. Yes, I resolve to stick to my resolution. Lol

Furthermore, I noticed that a good amount of the pictures in my oldest blog posts have disappeared. The reason for this is because I officially deleted my old WordPress blog, but didn't expect the images linked from it to be deleted on my Blogger blog. Wait, I think the ones that disappeared may have been ones that I uploaded onto my former blog there, so that would explain it (if that's the case).

Anyway, I also still plan to give my blog a makeover. It may or may not have the hag/witch theme that was voted on by my readers, but whether or not it is at least it'll look nicer. When I do, I'll also replace the blank pictures with working links again, and perhaps spice them up with some theme music? :-O We'll see. Lol Though I can't do this today, because I have a project for my college class that's due tomorrow. It's a group project in which I and two other team members have to report on three current news stories (so one for each of us) and analyze how four different mediums presented the information. Besides that, we have to analyze how the mediums used social media (if any) for reporting and the articles and such. Tomorrow is actually my last day of class (yay! and the day right before my birthday, too lol), and my fall semester starts August 22. Not much of a vacation, but it's still a break. :P This coming semester I'll be taking another art history class, moving on to English 101, and taking a P.E. class (required for the degree, grrr).

Anyway, I look forward to updating my blog more often again. Happy Simming!

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