Thursday, May 26, 2011

A ramble about my blog's future and other stuff

Hi, everyone! It's been a while since posted anything (besides EA and Sesert fails). I'm about to go on a rant as well as share some information about the future of this blog. Are you ready?

I haven't been making edited pictures or blogging much lately because I've lost a lot of my motivation and interest in it. I'm not in the best of health and I have internal conflicts, which both suck much energy out of me. I also have college, so that also takes up time. Because of this, I've mainly just been chatting with other simmers. I enjoy chatting with them, as they're fun to be around and it's cool to learn things about their real-life selves.

I plan on resuming blogging more regularly. I had my English final yesterday, so I'll start blogging more soon. The semester ends June 2, so I'll be completely free after that for a while. I'd also like to state that my blog will not be simply used for showcasing my edited pictures. It will be used for whatever I want to use it for. So, expect to also see me showcase my in-game creations, possibly go on more rambles, and so on.

I'd also like to make an apology. Between November of 2010 and April of 2011, I had been spamming the forums with my edited pictures, dedicating new threads to each one in General Discussion. I admit that the way I was advertising and sharing my pictures was the wrong way. What I should have done was made one thread in Creative Corner and used it as my archive and/or place for showcasing them. I also admit that I had developed somewhat of a "fame complex". I liked the fame and wanted to please my fans. I also thought it would be a creative and fun idea to see what the community wanted to see in my work, so I made numerous polls asking them what they wanted to see. It was kind of like a group collaboration, but more aimed towards what I wanted. I admit that everything that I had been doing was a bit attention whore-ish, though it wasn't completely for the fame. I did enjoy and still enjoy making creations and sharing them with the community. Why? Because it's fun to share your creations with others, just as it's fun for others to share their creations with you. So, my main point is that I was wrong in the way that I shared my pictures, I acknowledge that I was wrong, and that I resolve to share my creations in a more acceptable and proper way.

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