Monday, January 23, 2012

Re: The shorty awards must be ran be EA!

This is my response to Paco's The shorty awards must be ran by EA! post:

How did this happen? Well, long story short, EA maliciously incarcerated Winston Churchill's soul (or someone who looks a lot like him) and forced him to be a surrogate for Liam at the Shorty Awards. They're having Liam psychically channel his own energy into Churchill's soul which gives the "Liam'd" feeling.

But how did they get the former U.K. prime minister's soul? Surely EA's too lazy to invent the technology (none that's glitchy anyway). There's one simple answer: They bribed Ghostbusters with a handsome payment (and, just to make sure, they went Sesert style and threw in some porn to appeal to their carnal desires).

If there's something strange,
In your neighborhood,
Who you gonna call?

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