Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I got Generations!

Hey everyone. I got Generations yesterday (woo!), so I was testing out the new features and enjoying the game. I placed another Liam household ina new game. He got engaged to Lia, had a bachelor party, got Lia pregnant in the shower, and then married her the next day at a proper wedding (complete with arch and cake!). Lia and Liam were engaged within the same day they met (I think), and became boyfriend/girlfriend within a few hours of meeting each other. Lol At the bachelor party, this lady dressed as a maid showed up. At first I thought she may have been a real one, but it turned out she was a dancer. Besides the naughty French maid outfit, she was wearing white thigh-high boots and a pirate hat. Classy, right? Lol That would have been cool and amusing if they popped out of those big cakes like they did in Sims 1. I think that shower woohoo must be one of most risqué forms of woohoo that has ever included a Sims game (besides woohooing at the movie theater and city hall, lol). Lia threw up twice from morning sickness at her wedding party. Lol However, I discovered that the inside of the wedding cake is a reddish/pinkish color. Is it suppose to be strawberry cake, or red velvet? It has white frosting. I've also been documenting a bunch of their memories. I may want to make custom memories of the same type with better screenshots. You know, so it looks better than a far away automatic screenshot. I'm looking forward to playing them more so that I can test out the other features too. I might picture spam later or tomorrow of what's been going on in Liam's household. Oh, and one more thing. Liam ordered pizza for his bachelor party (as he burned the Goopy Carbonara that he was cooking). He was about to place it on the counter, but Piper suddenly climbed onto it and started dancing. LOL It was funny.

I have to work on a final for my 2D Design class today which is due tomorrow, ugh. However, tomorrow is last day of the semester. So that means that I'll be completely free until my summer semester starts! Yay! :P

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