Monday, April 11, 2011

A tale from Simlish mythology

Let me recite a tale from a branch of Simlish mythology known as Forumism.

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All of the simmers' accounts were created, but there was nothing around to inspire them to make attractive sims and share them. So, EA used its power to create a user that embodies desire and beauty.

A clam shell emerged from the ocean and then opened to reveal a forums user of incomparable desire. He was CK213. Because he was born an adult, he was even more desirable. CK213 is the forums user of beauty and simmer-to-sim love. He was the fire of all of the forums users' desire. His profound desirableness inspired them to try and emulate that in their games by making attractive sims, as they knew that he was out of their league. They got inspiration to share these sims on the Exchange and forums. Since then, CK213 has hidden his identity by taking on the appearance of a normal forums user who builds houses and towns and posts about drama that goes on in his game on the forums.

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